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Idaho Hetalia State Bio
Real Name-Jade
 Hair-Dark/Light Blue Highlights Short
Jade is a very "unique" individual her parents were killed in a massacre and she was actually born in Wisconsin then later moved to Idaho at age 19 she has a dark past but tries to look on the bright side of life.
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Energetic Toxin, part 4
While all this was happening I decided it was a good tim to fix that non-symetrical level on my Pikachu. I plopped myself on the closest bed to me. "NEAR WHY DONT YOU GO CHASE TRAFFIC!!!" "oww... wait!, wait! not the face!, not the face!" Pikachu fainted... "DAMMIT!" both Near and Mello stopped what they were doing Mello had Near by the collar and about to give him a right hook when they both looked at me in puzzlement "wha-?" Mello dropped Near, Near crawled to the safety of his toy box and hid taking Optimus Prime with him. "...." "....?" "what are you staring at?" I asked "you realize you just probably saved Near's life... and me from being sent to juvenile detention?" "uhhh....ok...?" Mello made her way to me looking annoyed "off the bed Jeevas" "...." I just continued to play my game... "now... dont make me tell you again got it?" I really didn't even hear most of what she said due to me being lost in virtual reality..."THATS I WARNED YOU YOUR REALLY GOING TO GET IT NOW!!" she plu
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Energetic Toxin, part 3
you have an incredible ability others cant simply aquire you have a gift Matthew" a boy who appeared younger than me came through the door to my new room followed by a blonde girl around my age. "are they my roommates?" "yes, they are N and the other M-" Mello interrupted Katrina Mello was the blonde girl "excuse me?... the other M?" "yes Mello this is Matthew your new roommate" I didn't want to be rude "hey..." I greeted the two although I was confused why a girl was one of my roommates, but I didn't question it..." "yes its a real pleasure" Near greeted back, while Mello stared awkwardly as we shook hands. Katrina had left and Mello changed her to Near "and what was that!" Mello raised her voice at Near "what did it look like?, I was only being polite and welcoming our new friend..." "Mello your far too quick to assume things, thats why your only ranked 2nd" "WHY YOU LITTLE S**T!!!" great... I have to live with lunatics now...hip hip....hooray..., Mello pounced like a wild Lion after
:iconmattielee:MattieLee 1 0
Energetic Toxin, part 2
"ah...I see what games do you play then?" she was bored and desperate to conversate, honestly I cant blame her she'd probably been taking care of cranky orphans all day and its not like im the most exciting of people to talk to "Zelda,Pokemon,Glory Of Heracles" I continued to name every game in the existence of the human race. Eventually what was a stress relief to me and I'd imagine a nightmare for her was over when we reached a room that read, "N and M's room."N and M are those the initials of my new roommates?" Katrina appeared glad we weren't talking about my Pikachu and how his name was lil' Bobby "yes N. stands for Near and M. stands for Mello these two will be your roommates we usually only allow two to a room but you three were a special case handed to us by L himself you must be one special little gamer kid you know that?" "well... not really I mean hacking into all those programs wasn't a hard job to do in the least a rookie could have accomplished most of those. "see... that
:iconmattielee:MattieLee 1 1
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You know I haven't been active at all on here for awhile so just letting anyone reading this know that I'm coming back to DA for the time being and plan on soon actually making some new deviations whether its an image or a fanfic or story or something will all depend so yeah.


MattieLee's Profile Picture

Artist | Student | Varied
United States

General info:

Orientation: Pansexual
Music Genres: Alternative, Jrock, Jpop, Kpop, Nightcore/Nightstep, Punk rock, Metal (A little of everything)
Color: Pink
Myers-Briggs Personality Type: INFP
Western Zodiac: Sun=Capricorn Moon=Aquarius
Chinese Zodiac: Rabbit
Numerology: 11
Doubutsu Uranai: Gold Cheetah
Homestuck God Tier: Sylph Of Heart
Pokemon Type: Water/Fairy

Fandoms List:

Elder Scrolls
Nitro + Chiral
Tokyo Ghoul
Adventure Time
Somewhat Brony
(Other countless various anime)



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